Aditya Bhat PhD
Vice President of Technology

Aber Instruments Inc.

Hi, I’d like to briefly share some exciting developments at ABER.

With our ongoing success, we have recently invested in a new facility in Aberystwyth UK, in a drive to streamline and expand our production capability. In addition to continuously improving our own manufacturing operations, customer support has always been our top priority. It is of utmost importance that our customer network is supported and is technically well-advised.

To further underline our commitment to our customers, ABER has recently, opened a US subsidiary – Aber Instruments Inc –ensuring that our wide customer base in North and South America, where the industry is at the forefront of the PAT initiative,  increasingly benefits from our unrivalled support.

I am delighted to be heading Aber Instruments Inc in the US as Vice President of Technology  and I am currently based out of Northern Virginia.

Finally, Aber has always endeavoured to improve our offerings and widen our portfolio. True to this approach, we have recently launched the ABER FUTURA Pico system at the BPI meeting in Boston, which includes the smallest diameter capacitance probe available in the market.

Please take advantage of the form below to receive a copy of our informative pico poster If you have any questions regarding any of our systems please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on or +1 540 676 8113

Frequency Range: Measuring Ranges:
50KHz to 20MHz Capactitance: 0.0 to 400pF/cm Conductivity: 1.0 to 40mS/cm +/-0.1 mS/cm
Cell Concentration Range:
Depends on cell sizes but typically: Yeast (6 µm): 10⁶ cells/ml to 10¹⁰ Cells/ml Bacteria (1 µm): 10⁹ cells/ml to 10¹³ Cells/ml Animal Cell (12 µm): 10⁵ cells/ml to 10⁹ Cells/ml Plant Cell (50 µm): 10³ cells/ml to 10⁷ Cells/ml
Resolution: 0.1 pF/cm. Bacteria typically 0.2g/L dry weight or 2×10⁹ Cells/ml for E. Coli. Yeast or Animal Cells 0.05g/L or 1 x10⁵ Cells/ml The relationship of these capacitance values to biomass levels depends upon the cell type and cell line.
Typically better than ± 3% or ± 2% of the reading
Better than ± 0.2pF/cm at constant temperature with standard conductivity solution of ~12 mS/cm
Better than ± 1% over 100 pF/cm
Power Supply:
24V DC power is typically supplied by an Aber Hub running on 110V AC to 240V AC mains
To receive further information, including our

Introduction to the FUTURA pico

poster as displayed at BPI Boston, please get in touch.